Sunday, 24 February 2013

can't wait for: Catching Fire

March before, we all see that hunger Games was released, and november 22th tomorrow, Catching Fire-sequel of The Hunger Games trilogy- will be release.
I wanna share picture of catching fire. basically from the book, i love this book very much, more than other two books. so i cant wait to see Katnees, Peeta, and Finnick. oh i cant imagine Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair. do you know him? He plays Philip Swift in Pirates of The Carribean: On Stranger Tides. You know the one who save the mermaid? yes, he is. and the arena is like a clock! tick tock tick tock. 
First i saw The Hunger Games, i have an opinion about Katness, i think she is too old to be Katnees, and also all character in this movie. but dont worry, i still love this film, like i love the book. 
And you know? the Arena is a clock! in every corner of the hour, there is a deadly trap. like from one o'clock until two is a zones of lightning. The next zones in sequence is raining blood, toxic fog, mutt, and jabberjay bird that could be imitating the voice of ours love. and ten o'clock until elevan is a zone of waves.
its totally great! cant wait to see the film. i hope that the movie would be satisfied ours, cause i really love that Suzanne's describe in this book. 
 is  it cool huh? okay, now i will post more picture, so im sorry if this post will sooo loading. i want to made it like kaskus who can hide his picture, but i cant use it, yeah i know im not cool-_-
ought! Katnees, are you really ate this fish?
click if you want detail.


  1. omg! you're a huge too?! :D
    to be honest, I really deeply addicted to the Trilogy The Hunger Games >.<
    I'm so excited!! thank you for sharing this post :3

  2. @UlfakunDL: yap, i am. this Trilogy was very interested! ok, ure welcome :)


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